We are a group of like-minded members, some of whom represent advocacy or campaigning organizations linked to walking, cycling, health and the environment. As well as this we have the endorsement of a number of further organizations that are supportive of this cause. These can be found here.

We believed in our idea – a family park where parents and children could have fun- together.

 – Walt Disney



Our current plans are focused on London’s parks and concerns motor traffic using roads inside parks as cut-throughs to avoid parallel main roads.

London’s parks, all parks, should be for people and nature, not motor traffic – the more motor traffic there is in any park, the less it’s a place to relax, stroll, cycle and rest, and the more the park, it’s nature and park users are impacted by air pollution, noise and other losses of the amenity.

Some motor traffic journeys to and from parks are necessary – for deliveries, for those with disabilities, and for other reasons. However, parks should not be used as a replacement for main roads – they shouldn’t be through routes that drivers take just to cut a few minutes off their commute. For this reason, this group at the outset is calling for all through motor traffic to be eliminated from London’s parks, and for now, specifically The Regent’s Park.

  • Remove all through motor traffic from all parks.
  • An initial focus on London’s urban parks.
  • Given existing, advanced proposals for Cycle Superhighway 11, we will initially focus on The Regent’s Park. We want the Crown Estates Paving Commission (CEPC) to adopt in full those elements of CS11 that directly relate to the Park or provide alternative methods to remove all through, motor traffic from The Regent’s Park.
  • Parks for People will exist as a campaign organisation in its own right, but supported by and working in conjunction with member and supportive organisations that share similar aims to remove through motor traffic from London’s parks.
  • Parks for People will use a variety of campaigning tactics, but will focus initially on establishing constructive dialogue with those who control access to The Regent’s Park for motor traffic – including The Royal Parks, Crown Estates Paving Commission, Transport for London, City Hall, Camden Council and Westminster Council.





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